Welcome. This website serves as the vehicle for individuals to contribute to the Atra-Hasis project, as well as to listen, subscribe, and download our podcasts. If you want to know what Atra-Hasis is, and is all about, please listen to our podcasts. There are several ways for you to contribute to Atra-Hasis. The first, located in the sidebar on this page, goes specifically towards fulfilling our 3 primary, short term, objectives:

  • filing for 501(c) non-profit status with the IRS
  • finishing the writing process, and self-publication, of the Atra-Hasis book, which articulates the philosophical framework and detailed explanation of the Atra vision.
  • ability to promote and sell the book, including funding in order to meet potential investors in the project and investigate possible land and development opportunities.

In addition to meeting our 3 primary objectives, there are two further ways to contribute to Atra-Hasis, through our Patreon and GoFundMe campaigns. The links for which can be found below, along with a brief description of how those contributions will be directed.

Our latest podcast, and archives, can be listened to directly on this homepage and are found below. You also have the ability to download or subscribe to our podcast feed at anytime and visit our podcast archive page for a complete listing of podcasts.

current fundraising endeavors: COMING SOON!!!

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